Johnson  & Sons Stone Works
Montrose, Pennsylvania

 The Finest Quality Stone From the Quarries and Fields of Pennsylvania

    Johnson & Sons Stone Works is a family owned and operated business offering the finest quality stone available from Northeaster Pennsylvania and  the New York  southern Tier area !
     We go out of the way to sort by size, color and other characteristics to supply you with the stone you need to fit your needs. We supervise the stone process from stage one right out of the quarries and fields right to you door, work site or stone yard, to assure our customers receive the stone they need to fit their needs. We can do customized orders to fit your needs no matter how big or small the job may be.
     We pride ourselves on the quality of our stone and our busy schedule speaks for itself. Our customers are always satisfied and are waiting for all the stone we can produce. When you ask for fieldstone, we ask what thickness of fieldstone? (1"-3" , 3"-5" 5"- 8" steppers, boulders etc.. ) What color fieldstone? (gray, blue, red, etc.. ) do you mean wall stone or field stone? Do you need it aged and weathered? Do you want moss. lichens or something else? We ask questions and so should you. Thanks for stopping by .

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