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Last update May 21, 2019
 The Finest Quality Stone From Our Quarries and Fields of Pennsylvania
Specials for the month of June,  2019
You have come to the right place for the best stone available from our Pennsylvania Fields and Quarries.
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Specials  Finest quality Split Veneer  Guillotine  bluestone
back by special demand. mixed Pattern , West Mountain Stone , colonial wall stone 
and the World famous stand up  ireggular
broken Pa. Bluestone flagstone 
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stand up irregular pattern
  This is Beautiful world famous Pennsylvania Bluestone Stand up irregular broken  As you can see it is blue. This is a beautiful stone to work with. Flat as a board geat for flagging for patio flooring comes in 1" to 1 "1/2 " it is solid as a rock :-}. No reeds great to work with it a beautiful stone these pictures haven't been altered for color in any way or filters. This digital photo is as close as you can get to the color. Variegated stone on sale now FOB >
$ call for prices  per pallet zip 18801     
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     This is Beautiful world famous Pennsylvania Bluestone Colonial Wall Stone . As you can see it is blue as is most of the stone we harvest from our quarries in northeastern Pa.  great for veneer we ca hae this delivered to your project direct the price is FOB> call for prices .00 per 3000 lb pallet get this stone now at a discount and get even a bigger discount on multible truck load orders   Colonial wall stone picture
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Bluestone Pattern stone 12" x 12" x 1"   variegated pattern stone by the truck load. This stone has great character it has mixed colors running throughtout the stone. A lot of lue s and greens are mixed right in ready for shipping now.
we have other mixed pattern sizes . Therse prices reflect price by the truckload mix or match pallets 
FOB> Call for prices  USD Sq Ft
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This is West  Mountain Stone. Another fine product of North Eastern Pa . Harvested south  and east of Pennsylvania Bluestone country. It is a must see when dealing with tans, browns and gold colors. available here through a trade arrangement with our quarry friends to the south. FOB > Call for prices  per 3000 lbs pallet by the truck loaad or mix and match with other products. Special pricing available on all large multiple truck orders. call 570-278-9385      We don't produce this stone but we get it because it is beautiful stone at a competetive price. and we pass the saving on to you.  FOB>  Call for prices
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Medium guillotined Pennsylvania blue stone One of this months special deals is this Split Veneer Pennsylvania Blue Stone . This beautiful Bluestone is pictured in 4 inch thick snapped edge  8 inch wide in various lenghts. this Pennsylvania bluestone product can be used as  veneer , pavers, wallstone or many other uses. We can also custom snap longer lengths such as 3,4 or  five foot lenghts as needed. We do consider longer lenghts a special order so plan your lead times.
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his bluestone comes in three thickness 1"-2" , 2"-4" and 4"-6" . The edges of this stone are guillotined . This means it has the natural snapped edges on four sides and a natural split cleft face on two sides  availible by 24 ton shipments. Or  you can mix and match  our other bluestone products.

based on 24 ton full flatbed loads only mix and match sizes.
(all shipments must be paid in full before truck shipment leaves the yard unless prior arrangements have been approved..Shipping for our bluestone products is not included in any of our pricing.)
top view thin guillotine stone
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row of stone This bluestone stone is excellent for veneer dry stacked wall, masonary walls, retaining walls and even as flagging stone for patios and gardens. This is a very popular bluestone product so we have step up production of this.
  based on 24 ton full flatbed loads only. mix and match sizes if you like.
All shipments must be paid in full before truck shipment leaves the yard .Shipping is not included.
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A close up of this stone shows its straight snapped bluestone edge and we mean blue. You can use your imagination to  see how many projects you could do with this beautiful  blue flagstone veneer.

All shipments must be paid in full before truck shipment leaves the yard .Shipping is not included.
Close up of stone
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stock on hand veneer blue flagstone This is beautiful stone!  to to email us click here  or for more information  call 570-278-9385* all shipments must be paid in full before truck shipment leaves the yard . Shipping is not included.
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